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Artist Karen Nealon

"My art is a moment in time captured by my hand on a variety of surfaces.  Although art gives me peace and tranquility during creation, it also ignites a passion in me for exploring the intricacies of nature and animals.


Inspirations come from natural designs and patterns found on animals or in nature, and how color, light and shadows contrast or highlight them.  I work in mediums which give me the opportunity to provide details and accentuate textures, light and shadows. Whether drawing in ink, graphite or charcoal, scratching on clayboard, or painting in watercolor, oil and acrylics, I am taken away by the whole process of examining a subject and deciding how to portray it. I seek to create interesting views of each subject, to stir recognition of their beauty generally taken for granted.

When my artwork stirs emotion in others, the passion I’ve invested yields an added realm of fulfillment.  I want my art to provide pleasure for your soul as well as your eyes."


--- Karen Nealon ----


In 1968 Karen began drawing portraits in graphite and then broadened her education and skills to include other subjects and mediums such as scratchboard, oil, acrylics, watercolor, inks, and colored pencil.  Scratchboard is her medium of choice because it allows her to accentuate dramatic details, textures and light on form. Acrylic pouring/fluid art provides an outlet to stir creativity and freedom.  The flow of the paint and the textures it creates gives her relief from the detail process of scratchboards.

Karen has learned her craft through self-discovery, relying on mentors, books and local art classes and workshops (1968-2020). During that time, she had to put her art education on hold while she pursued her career in the Oil Industry from 1976-2005. However, she never stopped practicing or experimenting.

Awards for her portraits were received from Bartlesville Oklahoma Sooner High School (1968-69). She has been accepted into the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) as an Active Member (2019) and has joined the Sun City Oro Valley Art League (2019).  Currently she is working toward an Art Certification from the Arizona Desert Museum Art Institute and expects to graduate in the fall of 2020.

Her portraits were displayed in the Bartlesville Oklahoma Sooner High School Auditorium (1968-69). Her recent scratchboards have been displayed and sold in the Tucson Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute Spring and Fall Student Shows (2018-2019), Sun City Oro Valley Arizona Art Festivals (2018-2019), Sun City Oro Valley Arizona Art League (2020), and Oro Valley Arizona Framed to Perfection Art Gallery (2018-2020). 

Karen developed her first website “ScratchMyPet” to digitally display her scratchboard work and received commissions for custom pet portraits (2016-2018).  She has since updated her website to showcase all of her work, under the logo and brand “White Brow Art.”

2010 - present
2010 - present
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